Breast Health

This person is a private women and does not want her name posted all over the internet.  However, she has agreed that if you are a women with breast health issues or know of someone that is having breast health issues, she is willing to speak to you, share her story and help you on your journey to health.  Simply let us know and we will put you in touch with her.


Breast Health Personal Story

June 12, 2015

In the beginning of the year of 2014, I received a diagnosis that was extremely devastating. It all started with the feeling of a very tiny lump in my left breast. It was so very tiny that I thought it was just my imagination. However, being hammered to death, since being a young teenager about what it may mean if you feel a lump in your breast, that early detection is the best way to have the best outcome, I went to the doctor and he felt the tiny lump the same as I did. He then sent me to an Oncologist for further test. After going through the long process of taking several mammograms, ultra sounds, and then finally a core needle biopsy, the test proved positive for breast cancer (BI-RADS Category 5 breast cancer).

I still remember the day like it was yesterday, the spirit of the specialist who gave me the news. In one way, he appeared to be very sad, but in another way, he seemed to be very happy to have gained another patient for financial gain. He spent all of 5 minutes presenting my options, and then he was gone. He gave me two options. One being to simply cut the lump out of my breast, and then do chemotherapy every single day for 45 days to make sure the cancer was completely gone, and the second being to do a Mastectomy, cutting both of my breast off. I knew chemotherapy was definitely out, it had always seemed to be somewhat of a barbaric practice to me and I’ve heard of too many bad outcomes because of it, BUT I WAS SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING A MASTECTOMY. After leaving the doctor’s office, I came home and did extensive research and had come to the final conclusion that a mastectomy was my only choice. I then went to break the devastating news and the solution I had decided upon to my family. After breaking the news to my family, there was stone cold silence, but then the silence broke and the next words spoken would be the words that would change my life forever, that would bring me from devastation, turmoil, and hopelessness….. TO GREAT HAPPINESS!!!

That day, my niece told me of a Dr. Tony Antonacci whom she had been seeing for fibroids. She had already received one operation and did not want to undergo another, so she received a referral from her church for a Mr. Dr. Antonacci. She had been seeing him for just a short while when she told me about him, but spoke of how impressed she was with his amazing naturopathic practices. She spoke of his truth and candor, she spoke of his untraditional methods, she spoke of the way he really cares for his patients and their wellbeing. She then handed me his card and said if I was willing to go see him, she would cover all of the cost for my first visit. At that point, although I had already decided to get the mastectomy, and that it was the only choice for me, I agreed to go. After all, since she was covering all cost, I figured I had nothing to lose, but little did I know that first visit would not be my last, and I have been going ever since.

After that first visit with Dr. Tony and Lisa, so much hope and happiness had been resurrected. Dr. Tony educated me on chemotherapy, and how it is one of the major reasons people die from cancer rather than from the cancer itself. He educated me on health and how the tumor is just the body’s way of signaling that it is out of balance. He also educated me on how to eat, giving me a prescribed diet and a list of proper foods that would alkaline my body/blood, which was very acidic at the time. He prescribed probiotics, which I had never taken or heard of before. In addition, he prescribed a green powder called green synergy, digestive synergy pills, and all the things that would help my body regain balance and alkalinity. Needless to say, from that day till this, my health, energy, vitality, and even mental alertness has been restored. I barely get sick with colds or flus, and now I have more energy than my very own children….. and even my grandchildren. But most of all, the tumor has significantly reduced to the point that I cannot not feel it at all anymore, even when standing upright administering the breast self-exam.

Therefore, my advice to all who have received, not only a terminal diagnosis, but a diagnosis of any kind would be to visit Dr. Tony’s clinic or any highly recommended homeopathic/Chiropractic doctor who practices nutrition as well. You will be surprised at how much more practical and simple the answer for good health will be, rather than being prescribed a bunch of medications with dangerous side effects, and/or being operated on unnecessarily.

Much thanks to Dr. Antonacci and his caring co-partner, nutrition specialist and wife, Lisa, for everything they have done for me. Without their ministry, love, care, and concern, I am not sure what state my health would be in today.

With all my heart, THANK YOU BOTH!!!!