Precious Pruitt’s Story – August 17, 2015



My name is Precious Lynn Pruitt, and I was diagnosed with Behcet’s disease.  I am 21 at the moment.  I have had this disease since I was two and was finally diagnosed at the age of ten.  Behcet’s is an autoimmune disease that causes an exceedingly amount of inflammation throughout the body.  There are many different symptoms that you can get from it; for example, I use to get ulcerations in my mouth and private areas, very high fevers, and I was more prone to catching illnesses, but some people can get the disease in different areas in their body such as the eyes, brain, skin, etc.

The doctors put me on hardcore medication such as methotrexate (a chemo therapy drug), colchicine, humera, and steroids (when needed) starting at the age of ten.  When I first started taking the medication it cleared up all of my symptoms right away but I noticed that the medication was starting to affect me in different ways as time went on.  I was starting to feel tired more than usual, I felt like I wasn’t able to function, my memory was starting to go bad, and I was not feeling like myself.  In fact, I was actually starting to feel like a zombie.

Behcet's - Skin Rash and sores on breast, chest and neck


My senior year of high school I started getting bumps, hives, and rashes all over my stomach, arms, and breast, and I was starting to notice swelling and arthritis pain in my joints.  During my first year of college, I started getting more rashes on my leg, and the pain in my body was starting to intensify.  As a result, I started taking more medication on top of the others, such as pain killers, to help with the pain.



Behcet's - Lesions on calf of legMy second year of college my symptoms were getting worse but this time I was consistently breaking out in hives and boils, and it was starting to get difficult for me to be mobile.  My energy level was decreasing more than usual and it was starting to become difficult for me to focus and concentrate.  The disease also came back that year as far as the ulcerations go, and I got a few ulcers in my private area.  At this point, I knew something wasn’t right, but I continued with all of my medications.  Finally going into my third year of college, the pain in my body was becoming more unbearable and my skin was breaking out with more hives, bumps, and boils that started to hurt.  I actually have a huge scar from a boil in my leg.  It looked like a huge bullet hole in my leg for a while.  I have scars all over my body as a result of the medications I was taking and my disease. Anyways, I was getting to a point where I just could not function at all, and I actually failed a class that semester because I just could not focus.

I was fortunate enough to be working for my pastor’s wife at the time, and she and her husband Pastor Mark of Abundant Living Family Church – High Desert were telling me about the holistic doctors that they were seeing. They blessed me and scheduled an appointment with these doctors—Doctor Antonacci and Doctor Lisa. When I first saw the doctors, they took a sample of my blood and put it under the microscope.  I could tell by the look on their worried faces that my blood was terrible but they remained calm and informed me about what was happening with my blood and how it could improve.  My blood was actually disappearing on the screen and my blood didn’t have a nucleus.  My blood was comparable to a stage four cancer patient.

After they showed me my blood, they told me that I had to take a different route right away and explained the depth of my situation—one that did not include toxic medications.  After being on methotrexate and all of the other medications for 10 years, it was slowly killing me, so they suggested that I should stop taking all of my medications.  We then discussed the natural route and that I had to detox all of the poison from the medications out of me.  So for two months, I was on a strict diet similar to the Paleo Diet and I was taking the all-natural detoxing supplements that the doctors prescribed me.  Those two months were the hardest months of my life.  As a result of pulling ten years of poison out of my body, I got really sick to the point where I could not get out of bed. At 5’6 weighing about 130 pounds, I lost 15 pounds and I became extremely weak.  I was not able to eat any meat at the time because of the detoxing and my diet had to change completely.  I now have to eat organic, gluten and soy free foods, and I basically have to eat all alkaline food because I was dangerously acidic.

As time went on, I finally made another doctor visit with my holistic doctors. I was a bit worried because my blood results from an actual lab came out with a more negative result, but when I met up with the doctors and saw my blood under their microscope I was shocked and relieved to see the improvements. My blood was no longer dying on the screen and I had a nucleus. There were still some downfalls in my blood but it was significantly better than it was before and for once in my lifetime I was starting to feel my age again. At that time, I still had arthritic pain throughout my body especially since I had stopped taking all the pain killers, but as time went on the pain was getting less and less.  Dr. Antonacci recommended that I continue the protocols and to also use an infra-red sauna to further detoxify my body.  Pastor Mark was kind enough to loan me an infra-red sauna to help me further.

Now it is August 17, 2015, and I feel great! The pain that I use to get is no longer present and I have become more aware of what foods inflict the pain in my body. My diet is not as good as it was when I was detoxing and I still plan on improving that for the rest of my life, but I feel so much better. I am more aware of my body and disease, I don’t feel like I’m in a fog like I use to, and I am able to function physically and mentally. I am so thankful for Pastor Mark and Pastor Kendra for recommending me to Dr. Antonacci and Dr. Lisa. If it wasn’t for them, I would most likely been diagnosed with cancer or a possible deadly illness later on in my lifetime. I advise anyone to research their symptoms, medications, and look into going the healthy route. You really are what you eat, and when you eat healthy and exercise, you are giving your body the best medication that WILL cure your symptoms the right way. Always listen to your body, and know if medication is no longer helping your situation then maybe it’s time to take a different route.



Behcet's - Lesions on calf of legLesions on Precious’s leg before (left) and remaining scar after using new protocols (right).










Behcet's - Skin Rash and sores on breast, chest and neckSkin rash and sores on Precious’s breast, chest and neck before (left) and complete restoration of normal skin after using new protocols (right).