Experience the Benefit of Several Holistic Modalities Working Together for a Healthier more Rejuvenated You at Banderas Bay. Intimate, Luxurious & Secluded. Organically Integrated with the Natural Beauty of the bay where the Jungle Meets the Sea.  A complete Eco-Nature Experience.

A 2-1/2 Hour Flight takes you from L.A. to Puerto Vallarta. A short drive takes you to the pier. From there it’s a 50 minute panga ride acros the bay to the entrance of this secluded beach oasis. Two beaches, incredible accommodations, organic homemade food, amazing treatments (massages, spinal adjustments, live blood nutritional profiles), fun and informative workshops, daily yoga, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking and more await you.*

Quaint and Intimate, a place to Indulge. Treat Yourself to a White Glove Experience as you Relax, Rest, Enjoy Nature and Receive a Meld of Eastern and Western Modalities.

Remember, Vibrant health is a lifestyle for family and friends, not just for the sick. Join us at retreat and experience and live the lifestyle!

Upcoming Retreat Dates:  Secluded Location – Banderas Bay, outside of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  • 2018 – May 6th to May 12th – limited space remaining
  • 2018 – Private retreats – email for information or to schedule group dates

Room types and pricing options outlined below.  Email info@retreatquixotica.com for details.


The eco-nature retreat center is set among 10 acres of splendid unspoiled jungle on the southern shore of Banderas Bay. Only 12 miles south of Puerto Vallarta International Airport and Marina, the retreat center offers quiet waters and two pristine sandy beaches that can be accessed solely by boat. There are no roads leading to the property.

Retreat Inclusions

Luxurious, private accommodations with ocean views, round trip transfers from Puerto Vallarta International Airport to the retreat center, organic, sustainable food (3 meals per day), daily yoga, daily spinal manipulations, one massage/spa treatment, cutting edge daily health and wellness workshops, jungle hike, special outing (horseback ride to waterfall, snorkeling adventure and lunch in the quaint fishing village of Yelapa), unlimited kayaking from retreat center beach, unlimited snorkeling from retreat center beaches. At no additional charge yoga mats, blankets and blocks are provided. Kayaks and snorkeling gear are also provided at no additional charge.

Activity_Snorkeling.4Tmescal_Closeup-smallRetreat Extras

A swim with dolphins, led by marine biologists can be booked for an additional fee. For the stronger and hardier, guests can elect to participate in a temazcal, which is a traditional Mexican steam sauna, similar to the sweat lodge of the Native Americans. It takes place in in a round or domed structure made of stone or mud. In the center of the temazcal is a pit for hot lava rocks, which create the necessary heat for the sweat. The word temazcal comes from the Nahuatl language (the language of the Aztecs). A combination of the words temal, meaning “bath,” and calli, meaning “house.” Besides promoting physical well-being and healing through sweating, detoxification and emotional release, the temazcal is also a spiritual practice in which traditional healing methods are used to encourage reflection and introspection.* These are optional activities that we do not promote, endorse or sponsor.  They can only be booked by you directly through the retreat center.*

Transportation to Retreat Center

Retreat Quixotica includes a personalized transfer service from the airport to the retreat center. To make transfers to the retreat center easier, guests should book an arrival flight that lands no later than 4:30 PM on the arrival day and a departure flight that takes off no earlier than 11:00 AM. The private transfer service includes roundtrip transfer by taxi or van from the airport to the pier at Marina Vallarta (approximately 10 minutes from the airport) followed by a roundtrip boat transfer in a small panga from the pier to the retreat center (approximately a 50 minute boat ride). Alternatively, we can arrange to transfer guests by taxi or van from the airport to Boca de Tomatlan, a small fishing village about 50 minutes outside of Puerto Vallarta. The boat transfer from Boca de Tomatlan is a 15 minute boat ride. The roundtrip transfer cost is $100 per person and is included in the retreat fees.

Accommodations_ Bedoom_with_Hammack-smallRoom Types Available

All accommodations are beachfront, spacious, palm-thatched cabins (palapa roofs) built on stilts. You will enjoy the closeness of the natural elements and the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean from your terrace. Each room is nestled on the hillside, offering jungle and ocean views. All Room styles are open air (3 walls), providing you with total privacy as you enjoy the exquisite views and serene environment. The room design draws the outside in, allowing one to totally meld with nature in sublime serenity. Bamboo roll down curtains can be drawn on the open air side when you are ready to nestle in to your own, quiet space. Room decors and amenities are luxurious, eco shabby chic.  So step into your private home away from home and enjoy!

In every room you will find a sitting deck, private open-air bathroom and shower, a big closet, an electronic safe deposit box and daily turn down and maid service. The suites are the most spacious rooms available, offering a hammock, a private terrace, and a sitting area. To pamper each guest and to create a relaxing and restful environment all beds at the retreat center have upscale pillow top mattresses, luxury linen, and gorgeous silky white mosquito netting. There are 4 room categories, from the most luxurious to the most budget friendly: Eco-Chic Master Suites, Petite Suites, Deluxe Rooms, and Shared Palapas. They differ in their size, views, bedding sizes, amenities and location on the property. Room types are described below:

Eco-Chic Master Suites

Luxurious, spacious, stand-alone, private casistas with palapa roofs. Situated on the hillside, overlooking the ocean, offering the best views and 530 sq. ft. Includes a private terrace, hammock, sitting area and lounge chairs and an open air shower with hot water. Available with one king bed or two double beds. Perfect for couples that want to treat themselves to the best.

Petite Suites

Private, 425 sq. ft. casitas with beautiful ocean and jungle views. Includes a private terrace, hammock, zen-style sitting area and open air showers. Available with one king bed or two double beds. Perfect for couples that wants luxurious accommodations or friends sharing a private room.

Deluxe Rooms

Private, 260 sq. ft. rooms with beautiful views, a sitting deck and open air shower. Available with one double bed or two single beds. Perfect for single travelers, 2 friends or a couple on a budget.

Palapa Style Rooms

For those on a budget, we offer two spacious and cozy shared rooms with luxurious bathrooms. The Small Palapa holds 4 persons and the Large Palapa holds 8 persons. These Dorm-style Palapas are fully equipped with high quality single beds. Each bed has its own mosquito net, a night stand and a large drawer under the bed. There is one, luxurious bathroom for 4 persons. The Palapas are the best option for the budget-savvy and those that enjoy being part of a community.

Food_presspackfishtortitas-smallFood Services – Organic, Locally Grown and Sustainable Cuisine and Juices

The retreat cuisine is based on the folklore and tasty ingredients of traditional Mexican recipes. These recipes are integrated with modern, gourmet techniques and flavors, giving them a unique and healthy twist. Meals are gourmet with exquisite presentations, utilizing organic and locally grown produce, spices and fresh wild caught fish and seafood. Juices are made fresh with organic tropical fruits, cactus, coconuts and specially selected organic and locally grown herbs.

Cutting Edge Daily Health and Wellness Workshops

Daily workshops are held by Dr. Tony Antonacci, NMD, CSCS, DC, FASBE and Professor of Health and Nutrition, East Los Angeles College and Lisa Fiore, MIM, Certified Live Blood/Bio-Terrain Nutritional Consultant and Certified Yoga Instructor. Workshops are held in the Spacious Jungle Room at the top of the Hillside each afternoon or early evening. The newest on health, nutrition, fitness and wellness will be presented, including interactive discussions and new Documentaries. Workshops are strictly for nutritional and lifestyle educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure or prevent any disease, physical or emotional.*

Nutritional Microscopy Profile

View a drop of your blood under a dark field microscope at the start of retreat and at the end of retreat. After a week of rest, healthy food and juices, yoga, spinal manipulations, prayer and meditation, time with nature and other healthy choices, view your blood again and often you will see the amazing changes already occurring. Your body wants to heal naturally when given the right tools, which is the lifestyle change you will experience at Retreat Quixotica. Nutritional Microscopy Profiling is strictly for nutritional and lifestyle educational purposes only.  It is not a diagnostic tool and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure or prevent any disease, physical or emotional.*

Activity _Yoga_Jungle_Room_donwward_dog-smallEnjoy Yoga Twice Daily in one of 4 yoga studios

Enjoy Spectacular Sunrises and Sunsets in classes taught by Lisa Fiore and Dr. Anthony Antonacci. Each room offers either Jungle or Ocean Views. An Incredible Experience. Fully equipped with yoga mats, blocks, straps, cushions and blankets. No need to have prior yoga experience. The style is gentle, with relaxation periods inbetween postures. Poses can be adjusted for beginner and advanced students. Also experience partner yoga, which helps with physical and mental well-being while building trust and confidence in individuals. All four yoga spaces will be utilized over the course of the week.

The Sand Terrace is on the beach and offers a delightful alternative for guests that enjoy the ocean views and feeling of sand in their toes. Practices there are naturally orchestrated by the flow of the waves. Keep your eyes on the pelicans flying by or the humpback whales occasionally splashing a hundred yards away.

The Meditation Cabin is a beautiful half roofed platform nestled in the lush jungle and was specially designed for a quiet practice and meditation. It is a smaller room, holding up to 16 persons. You’ll be impressed by the amazing view of the bay. This space is also used for sunset and sunrise mediations and prayer.

The Jungle Studio is the flagship workshop and yoga studio. It is a magnificent palm-thatched roofed temple built on top of the hill amidst the jungle, with dramatic views of the sea. It is made out of wood and blends with the trees. Square shaped (36 ft x 36 ft – total area: 1,300 sq ft), it holds up to 60 people. The four corners are open-air but there is 52 feet of linear wall that is suitable for supporting students practicing inversions (head stands, arm balances, etc). You will enjoy the organic footing of its wooden floor covered with bamboo boards.

The studio is fully equipped with sticky mats, belts, meditation cushions, traditional Mexican blankets, and hand-crafted wooden blocks. Although the top-notch high fidelity sound system is there for all those who need it, most love to let their practice flow to the rhythm of the Jungle and Ocean sounds that surround the studio. We use this space to host our daily health and wellness workshops and to also host some of the yoga sessions.

The Greenhouse is a spectacular yoga space. It is a big rectangle: the large side is facing the ocean. Mirrors designed for a unique yoga practice create an amazing feeling of space and allow the ocean and jungle views to be experienced from all positions through reflection. The Greenhouse is enclosed and naturally warm, perfectly suited for the practice of all styles of yoga, including hot yoga. We use this space over the course of the retreat to help in physical postures and as a gentle detoxification due to the warmer room.

Treatment_Adjustment-smallTreatments_MassageRetreat Wellness Treatments

Receive Spinal Adjustments Before or After Yoga from Dr. Anthony Antonacci & a Massage Treatment with Incredible Ocean Views in zen-like setting with ocean and jungle views.

Retreat Activities

A Jungle hike to a waterfall and a special day outing that includes a horseback ride in the jungle, snorkeling in a secluded and protected reef and lunch in the fishing village of Yelapa.

Sandals-Coconut-beach-smallActivity_Releax_Chairs-on-the-beach-smallFree Time

Relax at one of two beaches or sip a coconut juice on the sand terrace. In the mood to commune with nature? Take a stroll on one of several jungle trails or snorkel or kayak from one of two beaches (equipment provided at no additional charge).


Retreat Prices

Email us at info@retreatquixotica.com for available rooms and prices.