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1.  Importance of Good Bacteria for Health, by Lia Gallardo

Most of us have been taught or believe that bacteria is bad.  The truth is there are both good and bad bacteria, and without good bacteria we cannot possibly stay healthy.  In fact, good bacteria comprise more than 85% of your Immune System.  Unfortunately, in a modern society, most of us have depleted our good bacteria or gut flora so severely that our immune system and overall health are at risk of serious health issues and disease.  Learn what destroys your good bacteria and what you can do to restore balance and health in this important presentation by Lia Gallardo, who did this presentation at 18 years old.


2. General Health Seminar on Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and more By Dr. Antonacci.


3. Dr. Antonacci and Alfredo Munoz – Functional Fitness & Nutrition

Dr. Anthony Antonacci, NMD, CSCS, DC, FASBE and Alfredo Munoz, Jiu Jitsu competitor and ELAC student discuss the importance of functional training and nutrition to enhance and optimize competitive performance in sports to include Jiu Jitsu. Many athletes make the mistake of only doing sports specific training.  The addition of functional training and nutrition can often be the difference between a good athlete and one that begins winning medals, as was the case with Alfredo Munoz who won his first gold in December 2015. Victories in the summer/fall of 2016 include Jiu Jitsu World League (Gold Medal Winner) and IBJJ NoGi (no kimono) World (Bronze Medal Winner).