Juan Vazquez Story – September 19, 2014


Hello.  My name is Juan Vazquez and I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) at the age of 17, I am now 32. These past 15 years have been a constant struggle to control my UC; from being on drugs to control a flare-up, to trying different drugs to keep a flare-up from happening.  The one drug that usually helped control my UC was Prednisone, but the side effects were almost as bad as having a flare-up (water retention, depression, severe mood swings, etc).

In 2014, the prednisone stopped working.  I couldn’t control my flare ups with anything.  My UC doc gave me two options.  The first option was to go on a more aggressive medication (Remicade) which may have life long lasting side effects.  My wife & I were completely against taking this route.  However, the second option was worse.  The doctor suggested having my long intestine removed in the case I didn’t want to take the Remicade.

I’d heard of Dr. Tony through my brother-in-law.  My wife and I decided to make our own route and scheduled a visit with Dr. Tony and Lisa.  Our visit was like no other doctor visit we have ever had! This visit completely changed my life and the life of my family!  The way I lead my life now is very different from when I was first diagnosed with UC.  I don’t have to worry about scheduling my life around my flare ups, constant bathroom breaks, or depression.  I am able to freely take my children on walks to the park and have the energy to do exercise without a problem.

I’ve been thoroughly following Dr. Tony’s plan from day one and cannot begin to articulate with words the miracle that it is to take upon this path to healthy living!  I’m happy to say that I have been off all medications since my visit with Dr. Tony and Lisa and have not experienced flare ups or anything related to UC!  Life is good!


Juan Vazquez


Letter from Mayra Vazquez about her husband’s experience with UC and the impact on the family – September 19, 2014

IMG_0446-2Hello.  My name is Mayra Vazquez.  My husband Juan was diagnosed with UC at the age of 17.  For 15 whole years, he battled with this horrible condition, and worst, with the side effect of prednisone, and three other medications!  Juan had to schedule his daily life around restrooms. For 15 years, he never felt free to go places that did not have a restroom nearby!  My daughter called him the King of the “throne” because it seemed like he spent more time in the restroom than anywhere else!

This year it got worse than ever.  The prednisone wasn’t helping with his flare ups any longer and he needed a stronger medication.  His doctor gave him the option of taking Remicade (which I was completely against) or a surgery to remove his bad colon (which is worse).


When we met with Lisa and Dr. Antonacci, Juan’s life and our life changed forever!  Juan has only been following the plan for only a few months, but there are absolutely no words to describe the miracle that this lifestyle has done for us!  I can’t tell you the long term result yet because it has only been a few months, but he has NEVER been able to enjoy life as much as he has these few months.  It’s just unbelievable!  I appreciate the work that Lisa and Dr. Antonacci do! There is no way to repay them.  I am so thankful!


Mayra Vazquez


Update from Juan Vazquez on his path to a Healthy Lifestyle – January 29, 2015

I have learned that ulcerative colitis is very aggressive and that I must continue to be careful with my diet, even when I am feeling OK. I had one minor flare up episode since my visit with Dr. Tony and we have determined it was due to a particular food that was too abrasive for my stomach.  The good news is the flare up only lasted a few weeks and I was able to bring it back under control with Dr. Tony’s guidelines versus resorting to toxic drugs that have significant side effects.  My blood, as viewed under the dark field microscope, looks better than it ever has looked and I am happy to say I made a full recovery and have never felt better in my life!


Juan Vazquez