Dr. TonyAnthony M. Antonacci

I do not diagnose, treat or render an opinion on any disease. I address the source of why we have disease in the body. Your disease is simply a sign and symptom of a deeper problem and one must address that otherwise the disease keeps reoccurring. That takes work, time and thought which your current disease management system no longer has time for. That system only seeks to manage your disease with pharmaceutical medications because that system and its educational institutions are richly subsidized by the pharmaceutical industry that owns and controls the media, your politicians and your doctor.

If you seek the truth and real health care, you have come to the right place. If you seek more life shortening drugs compounded by more drugs and more myths of why you are sick and the obscure ways to “cure” you, then look elsewhere, as you could not possibly understand what I address to prevent disease and maintain a vibrant healthy lifestyle sans any pharmaceutical prescription. If you are on any prescription medication, you are not healthy. You are sick.

I am also a cancer survivor or as I describe it, “a survivor of the treatment of cancer in this country”.  After surgery and two years of battling cancer in which I lost over 25% of my fit body weight and nearly my life and after experiencing month after month the failures of oncology in the U.S., I took control of my condition and cured myself, regaining my vitality. I have been cancer free since 2001.

Dr. Anthony M. Antonacci, NMD, CSCS, DC, FASBE is a Board Certified Naturopath Physician and duly licensed Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Board Certified in Integrative Medicine by The American Association of Integrative Medicine and a Nationally Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  He is an Associate Professor of Health, Fitness and Nutrition in the Department of Kinesiology for the Los Angeles Community College District.