Lisa4Dr. Antonacci & Lisa Fiore

Quixotica Basic Principles of Health

  • The Healing Power of God, of Nature is primary.  Faith is the Foundation of Health
  • The innate intelligence of the body is to maintain health and heal
  • Optimum Health is the Balance of Body, Mind and Spirit – You Cannot Achieve One if You Neglect the Other
  • Health & Wellness is a Lifestyle – Not a Plan or regiment only when you are sick
  • Health is A Family Affair – Not Only for the Person With an Ailment
  • Health is a Community Affair – We all must live the lifestyle and support one another
  • Health is to Lead by Example Even When Others Make Poor Choices
  • Food First – Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food
  • The Closer to Nature Food is the Better it is for You – Eat to Live versus Eat to Die
  • Health is a Cumulative Effect
  • Drugs are not Curative, You Cannot Poison Yourself Back to Health
  • Maintaining or Regaining Health Can Only be Achieved by Getting the Toxins Out, Replenishing Gut Flora and Re-feeding your cells 
  • The gut is everything when it comes to creating the base needed to restore physical and emotional health.
  • One’s Duty is to Share Knowledge Gained, to Plant the Seeds to Health
  • We are all Connected, Make Choices that are Positive for You and All Life

All the Best,

The Quixotica Family

Dr. Antonacci, NMC, CSCS, DC, FASBE & Lisa Fiore, Executive Director, MIM, MBA