Nutrition is the Medicine, Exercise is the Catalyst, Rest is the Healer and Faith is the Anchor.

“Together you Achieve the Union of Body, Mind and Spirit, Your Temple of Health.”

Dr. Antonacci & Lisa Fiore

Lisa2At Lifestyle Quixotica our personal mission is to help transform the existing health care system from one dictated by insurance companies, focused on pharmaceuticals, needless surgeries and crisis only care to a system focused on prevention, wellness and optimal and vibrant health. It is our mission to help you Rejuvenate, Reintegrate and Revive your health, your soul. This starts with you.

In order to help facilitate this change we have created educational services that provide you, the layperson, with the right information to assist you in making sound choices for you and your family when it comes to health. We offer products to help your body recharge and retreats where you can live and breathe a new lifestyle that focuses on prevention and in restoring vibrant health. A lifestyle in which the well being of all life is primary.

No one group or individual will be responsible for this inevitable change, but to us that is a moot point. The central challenge is for us to help facilitate the change that is now occurring. It is clear this will only be possible with collaborative efforts of like-minded individuals. We encourage you to join us in this transformation.

Now and more importantly, in the future, it is imperative that all of us have a keen understanding of our bodies and how to maintain our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Our health care system is a disease care system and it is failing you and your family. Most legislators are unlikely to place the insurance industry in their place and provide optimum health care for American Society.

The Affordable Health Care Act has been a huge windfall for the insurance and pharmaceutical industries with prices rising for the average family. Our government is already paying the insurance companies money for lost premiums, not the consumer who lost their policies or whose coverages declined as costs increased. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Further, American Pharmaceutical companies begin the courtship of medical students the first year of medical school where many young promising doctors learn the monetary benefit of the prescription pad. These same pharmaceutical companies subsidize most medical schools in the U.S.A. What do you think those schools are going to teach the new aspiring MD? To prescribe and prescribe heavily, which is precisely what they learn, matching specific diagnoses to the newest pharmaceutical drugs on the market. Is that a conflict of interest? The good news is not all healthcare professionals succumb to this model. It is your job to discern between those that do and those that don’t.

As Integrative Lifestyle Medicine professionals, we understand the frustrations you face within our current medical system, a system that focuses on disease management versus maintenance and restoration of health. If you are like us, we are disillusioned with the overall Allopathic medical practice in this country today. It is clear our Healthcare system is no longer about health, but instead has become big business, where pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, insurance companies and monolithic hospitals have joined hands, focusing on managing diseases for the rest of your life with pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines and needless surgeries versus teaching reversing the disease process and prevention of disease.  That is Health.

The idea that the body is the best healer, that the innate intelligence of the body is to maintain health and heal, gets lost in all the pharmaceutical sales, insurance claims and unnecessary treatments and surgeries that bring in billions of dollars. Health for you or a loved one is rarely restored. You, a family member or a friend often remain on drugs the rest of your life, increasing from one, to two, to three or even ten medications at one time. For many, multiple disease-like symptoms appear as time goes on, making a loved one sicker and sicker and sicker. Vibrancy and health are forgotten; survival is the mode.

Look around you. Mini pharmacies can be found in many homes as several family members are on multiple drugs. These same pharmaceutical drugs are being peddled on the street amongst teenagers, resulting in injury and death to many. In the past year and a half, 3 teenagers, attending school with children we know died from overdoses from medications prescribed to them by psychiatrists. Pain pills like vicodin and anti-depressants are a bigger problem than street drugs amongst our youth. And these drugs are being legally prescribed at ever increasing rates to younger and younger people, including 2-year olds on anti-depressant drugs. Think about it, what 2-year old is truly in need of anti-depressant drugs? They need love, comforting, clean food and shelter. Not that long ago, these drugs were non-existent and overall health for most was far better.

If you aren’t sure whether this is true, we ask you to look at the facts. More than 5 billion prescriptions will be filled in the United States alone this next year. That equates to one prescription, every single month for every single person in the United States, including small children. This means we are spending over two trillion dollars for drugs that are focused on the treatment of disease rather than the promotion of health and vibrancy. Does that make sense to you?

We have never disputed the value of allopathic medicine for medical emergencies, such as car accident victims, but to apply this system to chronic or degenerative health conditions, which comprise more than 95% of the health problems in this country, alone, is a miserable failure. The system keeps people sick while allowing the industry to profit handsomely at your demise and the demise of loved ones.  Until you understand these facts, and seek the help from professionals that understand and practice lifestyle changes, the drug and food industries will continue to profit at the expense of your health.

Doctors that do have the right information and can help you are often pushed out of practice due to insurance and overhead costs continuing to soar out of control. These same doctors, if still in practice, are frequently at risk when they go against the grain of a faulty mainstream medical system, often lacking funds to fight the politics surrounding it or to get the right information out there. The important thing to understand is it doesn’t matter how nice the bedside manner of your doctor is, what his specialty may be or which degree he or she attained. What is important is whether he or she has acquired the right information and has clinical experience that will benefit you and your family for REAL HEALTH, not “medicated maintenance of health”. And it is your job to make that determination.

When it comes to healthcare, our aim is to educate you and provide you with the right information and positive, healthy experiences so you can make choices that help you maintain and restore health to you and your family. Health and disease cannot co-exit. Choose health.

You don’t get headaches because of an aspirin deficiency, you don’t get cancer because there is a lack of chemotherapy in your diet and you don’t get osteoporosis because you aren’t getting enough Fosamax to build strong bones. You get these things because your “terrain” is not balanced and you have nutritional and/or constitutional deficiencies, reduced or damaged gut flora, systemic toxicity and systemic dehydration. The headache, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, digestive disorders, depression, anxiety or other issues you may have are simply symptoms of an unbalanced terrain. If you treat the symptom versus looking at a systemic imbalance in your terrain you will likely get other symptoms of disease later and you will likely not regain your health.

At Lifestyle Quixotica we understand the body should be treated as a whole, versus the isolated symptoms. Further, we understand the key to maintaining or restoring homeostasis (balance) is to address the problem of systemic toxicity in the body with a good detoxification plan, replenish your gut flora and re-feed your body at a cellular level. We also understand each person will have unique issues and therefore we customize a plan for that individual.

We have not lost site that we are all connected. With that knowledge in mind we treat you with tender loving care. We are grateful to know you and it is our honor to be of service to you.

We are fortunate to live in a time where we have availability to a variety of avenues for use to achieve our health goals. It is an exciting time which offers the opportunity to actually visit and invest your time in a residential wellness retreat center for several days that is healing, educational, safe and fun. A very short time ago this was not available to the general public.

Currently, there are many programs to choose, many which offer ala carte services. Many address spiritual, emotional, physical or chemical issues related to health with no accurate individual health assessment. Some simply offer a basic detoxification program coupled with yoga or massage. Once again, with no accurate individual assessment to determine whether or not you truly need a detoxification program. And what of Neurotransmitter Brain Chemistry? Few address that very important aspect of retreat and rejuvenation. Quite often the programs simply involve a more spiritual approach without really addressing other issues that are relevant to one’s health. You cannot separate one’s physical, chemical and emotional needs related to achieving optimal and vibrant health. In the majority of retreat settings the hosts have no clinical experience in deferential diagnostics and how to design programs tailored to the specific needs of the individual. You can be in retreat with 300 of your best friends, in a large setting with substandard food and services, such as those run of the mill centers that are focused on revenue and not your benefit.

Rarely will you see a center such as ours that will incorporate the comprehensive Holistic assessments, evaluate them and create an all-inclusive program with specific protocols. There is no guessing, no uncertainties, no abstract protocols and no chasing symptoms.

Our Retreat Quixotica program is focused on the Holistic Complete Human Being, not a being of separate, unrelated parts.  And we understand the importance of body, mind, spirit and faith, together for your optimal health. We limit our client participation at retreats to 12 to 16 persons. Our center brings multi health care disciplines together and teaches you the benefits and power of a multi-faceted approach to health versus each discipline working in isolation to confuse the consumer, you. You leave with a plan that you can integrate back home with your health care team. We never leave you. You have continual access to our team via phone, e-mail, Skype and lectures as well as to our continually expanding programs.

It is time, indeed, you allow yourself to experience one of our Lifestyle Quixotica Programs or Consultations or to experience Retreat Quixotica in one of the most diverse Private Ecological Sanctuaries in the world caressing the coastal jungle of Banderas Bay in Jalisco, Mexico. Come join us in discovering yourself and reconnecting with the pulse of life.


Your Soul


Dr. Anthony Antonacci, NMD, CSCS, DC, FASBE


Lisa Fiore, Executive Director, MIM, MBA