About Energy Quixotica Products

The innate intelligence of the body is to maintain health and heal and health can only be optimized through the Balance of Body, Mind and Spirit – You Cannot Achieve One if You Neglect the Other. The body possesses superior abilities when it comes to protecting itself and fighting off disease and illness. If we treat the body right through nutrition, exercise and a spiritually directed path the body can do it’s job and we can live a life of quality versus a life of merely existing.

At Lifestyle Quixotica we live by the simple principle that all things are connected and therefore each action impacts all life. It is our mission to help you maintain and achieve the vibrant and healthy life you are meant to experience, to impact you in a positive and healthy way through the products we offer and in the education, retreats and services we provide.

We understand in today’s world we all are exposed to industrialized toxic foods, environmental stressors such as electromagnetic radiation, medical treatments that often render us sicker, city congestion, physical stress and financial stress. These factors impact our immune system, our ability to remove toxins and our ability to process and assimilate foods properly. The result is most of us are not digesting, absorbing and eliminating foods effectively and over time our immune system is compromised creating conditions that promote illness.

At Lifestyle Quixotica we created Energy Quixotica, a line of products designed to give your body a kick-start, designed to help you achieve balance in body, mind and spirit. Specifically, Energy Quixotica products:

(1) Support systemic nutritional deficiencies and toxicity by assisting with proper ingestion, digestion, absorption, metabolism and elimination of food.

(2) Support the immune system and promote its optimal functioning, thereby enhancing its ability to do its job and keep you healthy.

If you have been impacted by poor food choices and modern day stressors, our products aid in the digestive process from ingestion to elimination and aid in restoring a healthy immune system, to help you feel vibrant again.

For additional product information or to purchase Energy Quixotica products go to the Shop Quixotica page. For an understanding of how our products help in the digestive process read our article titled, “Systemic Nutritional Deficiencies and Toxicity and the Importance of Bowel Bacteria for Ingestion, Digestion, Absorption, Metabolism and Elimination and an Optimally Functioning Immune System”. 

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