Vazquez Family Living Quixotica Style

March 2015

12-472B98E5-84119-800Juan was the one of dire need of a life change when we met Dr. Antonacci due to his chronic Ulcerative Colitis. However, after the visit, Lisa and Dr. Tony made us realize the toxic way we had unknowingly been leading our lives and the lives of our two children.

My daughter Emma (age 8) was seemingly healthy from the outside. She didn’t have any serious life-long illnesses. But, as she became older we noticed a pattern of unexplained fevers. Sometimes the fevers were as low as 100 and times as high as 104, with no other symptoms. Two years ago, she became very ill, and was hospitalized for more than a week with pneumonia. Thereafter, she continued to get unexplained fevers. No doctor had a suggestion or explanation.

As a parent, we hope we are doing our best to raise our children. Unknowingly, we had been making our daughter sick with the type of “food” (processed food that comes in a box or container is not really food) we were raising her on. We still don’t know why Emma had these recurrent fevers, but believe it is because her little body was nutrient deficient and starving inside from bad foods. After meeting Lisa and Dr. Tony, we realized that the food we were giving our children definitely was not helping and was a big factor in the bad health she experienced. It has been almost a year since the visit with Dr. Tony and Lisa. Since then, with the change in nutrition for everybody in the family, our daughter is stronger than ever! No more recurring unexplained fevers, no more visits to allopathic doctors, and no more missing school! We all follow Dr. Antonacci & Lisa’s guidelines and we are more energized than ever, and my children are healthier than ever.

Mayra Vazquez