Services Available

  1. Initial Consultation (2 to 3 hour appointment)

Initial consultation includes a comprehensive lifestyle nutritional plan, cleansing protocols (if necessary) and exercise recommendations.  The consultation may include PH analysis, tongue and pulse analysis, blood pressure and fasting blood sugar.One-day follow-up phone calls and questions provided at no charge.  No text messages or emails please.  Spouse or significant other welcomed (no additional fee).  Cell phones strictly prohibited. Due to the length of the appointment, no young children please unless you specifically request a consultation for that child.

Follow-up phone calls limited to short questions for 1 day following the initial consultation.  Calls will be returned within 48 hours.  Calls made during the holidays or vacation periods will be returned after the holiday period.  Hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.  Please do not call evenings or weekends.

Additional consultation time can be set-up via a phone consultation, for a fee (#5 below), prior to an in person follow-up appointment.

We are not an emergency service.  If emergencies arise please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

2.  Review of Records

A Review of reports, labs and scans available.  Price varies depending on number of documents and pages to review.

3.  30 & 90-Day Follow-up Consultation (30 minute, 1 hour  & 2 hour appointments)

Includes consultation, PH analysis, review and modification of diet/food plan and supplementation plan. 

4. Concierge Phone Consultations, unlimited, short phone calls

Short questions.  If major issue, appointment required. No emails or text messages.  Prepaid. 

5.  Phone Consultations

Reserved for significant issues.  15 minute increments.  Prepaid.  Hours are 9am to 5pm Monday thru Friday.

6.  Personal Care and Skincare Product Consultation and Review of Household Cleaners

Learn about toxic ingredients to avoid and why.  Bring your own skincare products and household cleaners for an initial review of what to use and what not to use.  Receive suggestions on alternative type of products to use.  Learn how to make your own products.

7.  Healthy Eating Cooking Class (2 hour session)

Class includes food and food preparation from a selected menu.  Meal shared by all attendees at end of class.  Learn about alternative, healthy ingredients to use when preparing a meal and optimal cooking techniques for health.

8.  Clean out Your Kitchen and Learn About Healthy Foods to Stock

Learn how to identify hidden, toxic ingredients in food and beverage products and how to eliminate them from your kitchen. We will go through your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator with you, teaching you what is pro health and what, long-term can impact the health of you and your family.

9.  A Trip to the Grocery Store to Learn How to Read Labels and Choose Foods that Optimize Health

Take a shopping trip with us to your favorite grocery store or farmers market.  Learn how to read labels so you avoid hidden, toxic ingredients that can make you sick.  We will also teach you questions to ask the butcher, the produce manager or the manager in charge of household cleaners and personal care products to insure you don’t accidentally buy something that could impact your health negatively.

Note:  Depending on your needs and the length of time you would like us to spend with you, feel free to mix and match items six through nine above.