Adellla Q Catrejon’s Story – December 26, 2015

My name is Adella Q. Castrejon. In 2014, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident, resulting in injuries to my right knee. After months of suffering increasing joint pain in that knee, I was admitted to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center for treatment. Doctors were unable to determine the cause of my pain, so I was subsequently referred to Loma Linda University Medical Center for diagnosis by a bone specialist. It was then that they determined I had a cancerous growth in my knee, and more tests were ordered. Further tests were completed to find the source of my cancer, and I was officially diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer after I had a lung biopsy. I was told that I needed Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments right away or I would die quickly.

I was understandably devastated by my prognosis, and I was scared of the effects Chemotherapy and Radiation would have upon my body. I went to church that same night and discussed my fate with Pastor Diego of Abundant Living Family Church. Thankfully, as a gift from God, he told me not to fear the terminal diagnosis I had received, and encouraged me to talk to Dr. Tony before committing to any treatment plans involving Chemotherapy or Radiation. He informed me that he too had been diagnosed with cancer, and Dr. Tony was one of the people that had helped save his life. This beacon of hope led me to see Dr. Tony and his wife Lisa, who together have helped me conquer my fears of imminent death, and realize that cancer can be beat. Dr. Tony prescribed strict dietary requirements along with his supplements and a detoxification plan which all togther strengthened my blood cells, improved my immune system and helped me fight this horrific disease without the crippling effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation.

I have personally seen the demise of cancer patients who were killed by their treatments more than their disease, and because of Dr. Tony’s expertise and personal experience as a cancer survivor, I am feeling better than I ever have before with no symptoms or pain after more than a year since my initial diagnosis.  I hope by reading my story, if you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer, you seek alternative opinions first and do not let doctors scare you into believing Chemotherapy and Radiation will cure you.  Too many people die from those treatments or get lasting, damaging side effects. I believe most have a better chance of survival and a revival of their health with good nutrition, detoxification protocols and restoration of their immune system.  I am living proof it is possible.

Warm regards, Adela Q. Castrejon