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Hey Family! We could really use your help. We are looking to post some product reviews on our Energy Quixotica products. Please send us your reviews of your favorite products at info@energyquixotica.com. Thank you in advance! Xo


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  1. coachmunoz

    4 reviews!
    Green synergy enhance
    This is a perfect green superfood supplement. Taste is great! Health benefits are amazing, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, I highly recommend this product.

    Protein Synergy
    “Way more than Whey” cocolicious vanilla bean!
    As a competitive athlete I’m always looking for the best delivery system, specially after training several times a day I need a good quality protein for recovery and to prevent muscle breakdown. This goat whey protein is the best I’ve ever tried. I’ve already tried both and continue to use. Only one ingredient, goat whey protein with added minerals, and electrolytes, also the purest form of supplement. I highly recommend this product for its effectiveness, purity and delivery.

    Immune synergy
    Is a mushroom base, it’s contains cordyceps, it’s great for immune system, and cordyceps have been proven to improve endurance while training. Along with a proper nutrition and exercise regimen you will improve a healthy life style. I’ll recommend this to everyone.

    CoQ10 Obiquinol
    This is another great product! I love to use it everyday. CoQ10 has been proven to improve cardiac output. The purest ingredients. I trust Lifestyle Quixotica with all their products. Their mission and guidance.

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